Dwi Astha Prima, is the subsidiary of Mitra Group.

Dwi Astha Prima is established to support construction works, especially in industrial estates, housing and tourism areas. This matter is in line with direction of development of Batam Island.

Company Profile



The commitment of PT. Dwi Astha Prima has always been to increase customer’s satisfaction and producing advanced construction which is time-dependable.


  • Enhancing and improving the development of Industrial and Tourism areas, especially in Batam and its surrounding areas, in order to attract investors and tourists’ thus increasing popularity and to create extensive employment opportunities. 
  • Increasing HR Training to produce a qualified human resource while also creating conducive, comfortable, advanced and ever-growing work environment.

Our Stories

Batam Island had determined to become one of the notable industrial areas in South East Asia region. Development Growth started since 1978 have brought the real benefit to Indonesia.

Development of Batam Island is focused to create a condusive climate for the investor by providing efficient, fast and clean service, incentive in taxation area, modern and complete facilities while also having good human resources.

During its operational years, PT. DwiAstha Prima also participate in joint projects of Indonesia-Singapore and Indonesia-Malaysia in industrial estate and international tourism areas in Kabil, Bintan, Karimun, Medan, Marina and also Lagoi.



Our Teams

PT. Dwi Astha Prima has team members cooperate to achieve goal of the company. Our team members are located on different locations such as Batam and Bintan to maximize our service coverage across Riau Islands

17 May 2000

Dwi Astha Prima which was founded on 17 May 2000 and already followed the sharing of national-scale private company that owns history and long experience in the field of construction services. The company has carried out its business activities since its establishment in 2000.
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