We are here to manage your projects with experience

1. Steel / Stainless Steel Work Fabrication

We have highly skilled workers with extensive experience along with the latest technology that will help us to provide a high-quality fabrication service from the cutting and forming, welding, bending, inspection and testing high content of laser l to allow excellent accuracy during manufacture.

2. Civil Engineering

Dwi Astha Prima has some of the best civil engineer which help us creates the skill and precision needed in these working field. We use the best materials combined with the best workers.

3. Architectural and Structural Engineering

Architectural and Structural services are necessary for all project. Our architects and structural engineers will provide excellent services from early planning to the final completion. We have some experienced and talented architects and also trusted business partners. By using our relationship and our experience with our business partner, we are capable to match the needed architectural and structural engineering requirements for the project. Our experience indicates that by matching the specific projects with our business partners, we can provide expert service at reduced design costs.

4. Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

We provide excellent mechanical and electrical engineering services that will support the design of any building. Our professional engineers will establish reliable interface between buildings and people to provide a comfortable, functional, sustainable while also providing environmentally friendly areas. Our engineers will establish mechanical/electrical/plumbing and fire protection with other additional services.

5. Excavation

We are also specialized in providing you a wide variety of services while emphasizing quality, value, and customer service, and also only use the best materials that will withstand the various different weather conditions in the area of the project.


We have the best service in the field of Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) systems. Our area of work is Designing & Building of ACMV services, Central Air Conditioning System including Chiller, Air Handling unit, Cooling Towers and Chilled Water Pipe System, ACMV Electrical Control System, Building Automation System for ACMV, and Maintenance.

7. Sanitary & Plumbing

We have a complete range of plumbing and fitting services to industry professionals. We use the latest technologies, strategy formula, and the most experienced professionals to serve our client’s requirements. We use Industrial PVC pipes that are certified in the industry.

8. Lamp Production and Installation

Dwi Astha Prima also produces various types of lamp. We use the best material and avoid the usage of mercury in our lamps. We also provide Installation and Maintenance service for our clients.