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Hydroponic ±33 Ha Greenhouse

for Batamindo Green Farm

PT. Singapura Segarhijau Sayuran

at Tiban, Batam Island

In 2021 to 2023, we have build a hydroponic ±33 Ha greenhouse farm for Batam Green Farm at PT. Singapura Segarhijau Sayuran  which is located on Tiban, Batam Island.

Started from MEP work equipment, M&E works, labor cost greenhouse , water tandon, cut & fill, road work drainage zone A, concrete road access work service building, cocopeat house zone A & C, water torrent, water filtration, site clearance topography, construction gardu PLN for zone C, main road, soil leveling, compacting, laying bauksit zone A & C, cut and fill soil leveling gardu zone C, ACMV zone C, road work access zone A, coldroom . water reservoir, feching, etc.

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